Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way than to start the fun with some scary competition? Let the games begin.


This year, Ptown Life is organizing 3 contests for the people of Pleasanton. We present to you:

  1. Costume Quest: We’re on a quest to find the best costume of 2016. Help us out by submitting a picture of your costume.

  2. Eerie Arts and Creepy Crafts: What do you create to prepare for Halloween? Whether you cook, craft, or carve, we want to see!!! Send us a picture of your latest creation, and we’ll pick our top 3. For extra credit, include instructions for your DIY and we’ll try it out on camera.

  3. Three-Sentence Thriller: To make the story short, send us your most bloodcurdling scary story that begins with the phrase: “It was a dark and scary night…”. Oh, and also, your story should be a maximum of 3 sentences.

YouTube Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2b8Xvp1SU4




Speaking of submissions, here’s the criteria:

  • Must be emailed to infoatptownlife.org by midnight of Halloween
     (October 31st).

  • Submissions must include name, grade, and a title for your beautiful creation.

And now moving onto everyone’s favorite part of contests: the prizes.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the most creative submissions for each contest.

  • There will be one winner for Costume Quest, one winner for Eerie Arts and Creepy Crafts, and two winners for the Three-Sentence Thriller (one for elementary/middle school, and another for high school).

  • Winners will be chosen by November 15th.

  • Prizes will be gift cards.

  • Once we have chosen the winners we will email you and ask if we can post your winning submission on our website.